My Favorite News Stories

These are actual news stories, along with their original headlines, from my local paper or other papers. Each has caught my eye for some reason. Often, I'm not sure why.

Ely DI team can be seen in online netcast

The local team is competing in the world championships of a creativity and problem solving competition -- the Destination InagiNation Global Finals -- at Knoxville, Tenn. . . .

DI teams compete based on their performance in various challenges. Themes involve the exploration of technical and mechanical engineering, theater arts, science, fine arts, structural and architectural design and improvisation.

This year, the DInamytes were involved in the challenge, "Back at You," which involves creating a delivery device and receiver that repeatedly sends balls back and forth, and also involves a story about something that goes away and comes back.

The group also put together a skit -- about something that goes away and comes back -- revolving around telemarketers.

Mishap injures 31 at stadium

An escalator packed with Cub Scouts leaving the Kansas City-Texas baseball game Saturday went out of control and injured 31 persons. Six persons were hospitalized.

A 12-year-old boy from Overland Park, Kan., was carried away on a stretcher with the imprint of the escalator on his forehead, according to witnesses.

Man flees attacker, falls 50 feet into bear cage

Belgrade Yugoslavia - While fleeing a woman who attacked him in a restaurant, a diner fell 50 feet down a cliff and landed in a cage full of hungry brown bears...

Doctors said the man's life was still in danger as a result of a mauling by three bears.

Spasoje Vitas, 26, a Belgrade shop assistant, was dining at the cliffside restaurant overlooking a zoo Friday evening, the paper said.

During an argument, a woman diner pulled a pair of scissors from her handbag and attacked Vitas, who jumped over the restaurant fence to escape.

The only thing on the other side was a 50-foot drop into the pitch-dark bear cage. Vitas landed on a back of one of the animals, the paper added, and for the next 30 minutes was mauled by the bears, which had been awaiting food the restaurant guests toss to them every night.

The paper reported that the woman who caused the trouble was sentenced to 15 days in jail for creating a disturbance and for vagrancy. She told the judge she was drunk.

Man jailed for sending laundry out

A hurley, Wis., Man is facing a four-year prison sentence today because he sent his dirty laundry to Duluth.

James V-, 45, was sentenced here Thursday...for using an interstate commerce facility for purposes related to prostitution.

[V- was] indicted by a grand jury last November for allegedly sending the towels and linens of prostitutes across a state line to a laundry service in Duluth.

Heston's taped reading of Nietzsche helps UW team find vascular problem in dental assistant's defective brain

Madison, Wis.-- Margaret Rowley's brain has a vascular defect that could erupt into a catastrophic stroke at any time. It must be surgically removed.

But not until after she listened to a tape of Charlton Heston discussing the philosophy of the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Miss Vacant Lot's title may be firmly grounded

Sponsors of the third first annual International Armadillo Confab and Exposition said Sunday that the current Miss Vacant Lot of the World may inherit the title for life unless someone worthy shows up to claim it.

"Nobody showed up Friday and only three showed up Saturday," said Fred Armstrong, chairman of the event.

The three Saturday were not considered worthy of the crown won last year by Cindy Hudler, a 21-year-old college student who won the title by waltzing around a vacant lot in an armadillo suit. The ceremony was postponed until yesterday and Miss Hudler was told she was it again if no one challenged her.

Retired colonel now faces shoplifting count

Troubles have been mounting for Stuart B-, 75 of Shalimar, Fla, a widower of six months, ever since he was trussed up and pistol whipped in his St. Paul motel room on June 25.

He is charged with stealing a dress and a belt from the Sears Roebuck store at 425 Rice St. on June 30, the day he sought a court waiver to marry 18-year-old Jodell M-, once convicted on a prostitution charge.

He was turned down by the court which wants to have him in St. Paul to testify against Gerald C, who is charged with aggravated assault in the beating of B-.

Meanwhile, St. Paul police are investigating an accident B- had last month with a vehicle driven by a St. Paul woman while he was driving a rented automobile.

Minneapolis police have received complaints that some of B-'s checks have been returned from a Florida bank marked "non-sufficient funds."

The colonel said in court yesterday he would defend himself against the shoplifting charge when he is tried Wednesday, the day he is to testify against C-.

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Headlines Only

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