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This is the most creative site I've seen in a long time. Visit to see what you can do with MODx, Ajax and a ton of talent..
You have to try this to believe it. Type in the name of one of your favorite authors at Literature Map and see what other authors' names come up. I entered Thomas Pynchon and got a list of about 30 authors that all belong on my favorites list.
Over the years, Paul Brians has compiled this invaluable list of Common Errors in English.
Here's the world's best list of Weird Words.
If you enjoy thinking about language, you'll love Judi Wolinsky's Word Play site.
Read James Donaldson Collins' essays on life and other matters at his Scottish Essays Site.
Kill some time with Surrealist Games and other diversions. Try the computerized automatic writing. [Site may be down for surreal reasons.]
Read New Zealand Writer Simon Travaglia's priceless fiction about your worst computer support nightmares: Bastard Operator From Hell.
Can a Twinkie pass the Turing test?
Here are some other assessments performed by the T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project.
Feel like puking? Check out
Recover from the Pooh page with tasteless and offensive humor at The Onion. (Also syndicated on the Hot Feeds page.)
Is it 1984 yet? Banned Books On-Line.
Check out Phractured Phoreign Phrases (e.g. L'etat c'est Moe: All the world's a stooge.)
What can you do just by modifying a site's .css file? Check out css Zen Garden.

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