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This site is for anyone who loves language. Writers, readers, surrealists, cynics, skeptics, egg candlers, and mopers with intent are all welcome here.


The quotations page is a link to a searchable database containing over 700 quotations on topics ranging from art to Zippy the Pinhead. You can find quotations on politics, philosophy, romance, surrealism, literature, law, rock and roll, America, computers, and many other topics. The quotations come from authors, politicians, comics, and just plain folks. Feel free to contribute your own favorites through the "contact" link at the top and bottom of each page.

Amazon Kindle

As a book addict, I was as skeptical about the Amazon Kindle as anyone could be. My niece, also an inveterate reader, finally talked me into trying one and now I have two. See my comments on the Kindle here. If you buy one through the following link, it will help support this site:

Amazon Kindle

Amusing News and Headlines

The News page offers news stories and headlines that I've collected over the years.

Verbs, Verbs, And More Verbs

The New Verbs page is a collection of "verbings" sighted in the media. Some are new, but others are very old. Here are just a few examples to "incent" your appetite: death (deathing), eventize, evolutionize, incent, instantize, napkin, office, quagmire, sewer (sewerize), transmittal, vendette, widthen.


Get through boring meetings, seminars, and workshops without poking your own eyes out. Visit the BuzzwordBingo page—A game card generator for the desperately bored.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Check out the Infrequently Asked Questions page for some seldom-asked but worthwhile questions. Not a FAQ. No answers provided.

The Hotlist

See the Hotlist for other sites of distinction or lack thereof—my current list of favorite web sites.

A note of warning: If you have no sense of humor, leave now! You won't like it here.

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  —  Bob Ray